Everything is Cooking - A piece by Rashad Daoudi

Welcome my son, to Cooking in the Machine

Today we're featuring the business development region

Mmmmh, I love biz dev food

I know your boss sure does

Ha ha oh stop it

Today we’ll be making a Bad Salesman

Easy to be yet complicated to understand

But what did you dream?

Never mind that, to get started you’ll need:

2 pounds fear

1 pound shame

1-cup excuses

1-cup doubt

1/2-cup cowardice

1/4-cup tension

2 tbsp. of being real

Lots of salt

A lifetime of inadequacy

Future doubt

Past successes

A dash of pity, contempt, and idealism

Mix ingredients by hand in a glass bowl

Wrap in foil

Bake at 420 degrees for 15 years


To best enjoy, throw away