Between Chapters

Is everything ok?

I’m not sure.

Just when you think you’ve dug deep enough, there’s something more. There seems ever a deeper level to explore; always farther to go.

“Things are going well,” I truthfully say when asked. My purpose in life is becoming more clear. My financial goals are well-defined and on track. I’m sharing my time and space with a beloved partner. I’m developing a sound routine that gets me through each day with relative ease.

I currently feel comfortable in life, sort of.

This chapter’s end, while inevitable and long-overdue, is nowhere in sight. The next will eventually begin as this one did - with a blank page. Ah, yes - “Staring at a blank page, yet again.” That could be on my gravestone (and I’d be proud of it). Anyway, I find myself wondering when the next chapter will begin. I wonder what I’ll think to write on its first pages. I wonder if I can wait.

Perhaps I should rephrase: I currently feel uncomfortable by the fact that I feel comfortable in life, sort of.

Have I grown tired from digging? Will I ever explore a level that’s deep enough? Am I discouraged by the fact that there will always be farther to go?

I’m not sure.