15 (Really) Short Stories to Make You Think (and/or Softly Chuckle)


I forgot how fun it was to doodle. 

Over Christmas break, my Mom and Dad bought me a sketchbook as part of a large-scale project being produced by the Brooklyn Art Library. Appropriately titled "The Sketchbook Project", it allows for anyone to register and submit a 30-page sketchbook about anything, which would then be archived as part of their growing library in both hard copy and digital form. 

So, I decided to revisit my childish roots and create a series of (really) short stories. Each features an extremely amateur illustration, rendered by me via colored pencils (this is why I stick to writing).

Of course, this collection is dedicated to my parents, who continue to support my creativity, and who always inspire me to share my thoughts, however silly and/or overly reflective they may be.




Giraffe: You're the reason I breathe!

Tree: I've fallen for you!

Giraffe: Wait I can't breathe now.

The Catstronauts

"The Catstronauts"

Let's go be curious eight times.

Math is Hard

"Math is Hard"

Teacher: Can you solve this problem?

Student: Sure, why not?

Teacher: Oh.

Quantum Physics

"Quantum Physics Explained in One Sentence"

The period located at the end of this sentence can be everything, nothing, everywhere and nowhere all at the same time, and is only a period located at the end of this sentence when you see it as such.

Finding the Right Balance

"Finding the Right Balance"

Yes: Does this thing look balanced to you?

No: Maybe.



Pluto: Your honor, I believe that I'm a planet.

Judge: Well, then I guess you are.

The Broken Record

The Broken Record

Person 1: I can't figure out how to make this work.

Person 2: We'll just have to play it by ear.

The Genie

The Genie

Genie: I shall now grant you one wish!

Girl: I wish to feel like I never need to wish for things.

Genie: I'll just go back in my lamp.

Girl: Sounds good.

Locked Out

"Locked Out"

Knight: I will tear down your walls!

Emperor: It'd probably be easier if you just convinced me to open up my doors.



Co-pilot: Let's go there.

Pilot: No, let's be here.

States of Water

"States of Water"

River: I want to be cooler.

Icicle: I want to go with the flow more.

Cloud: I'm so confused, I think I just want to cry.

Best Friends

"Best Friends"

Boy: Stay.

Dog: When have I ever left?

The Pillow

"The Pillow"

Old Man 1: Do you remember what goes here?

Old Man 2: Not sure. Let's sleep on it and revisit tomorrow.

Old Man 1: I like that you're thinking ahead.



There is the decision to and the act of. But first, there is the knowing that you can.

The Alien

"The Alien"

Alien: Hey. I just came by to tell you that you're not alone.