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As an experienced B2B/B2C marketing professional and published author, I've worn many hats over the years from within various industries and areas of expertise. Browse through some of my work below, and please feel free to contact me with any marketing/writing needs you may have.


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"The Birth of an Idea" - Graphic Novel by Andrew Chase

"Come along for the ride as the artist and author take you on a trip deep into the surreal. This story offers imaginative illustrations that come together with the narrative content to convey the inception of inspiration." - Amazon Review by Osujin

The Birth of an Idea delivers a dazzling, chaotic exhibition of vulnerability, as a documented session of personal thought is visually interpreted, and transformed into a mind-expanding story of self-discovery and enlightenment.

When you are trapped within your own mind, how might you escape?

Written by Andrew Chase | Illustrated by Mike Ficarra

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